Casino Loyalty Programs: Get what you deserve

If you look around the web for a while when searching for an online casino you’ll notice there is usually little talk of benefits for long term players. But there is a lot of talk about welcome bonuses. Even we put up an article to make sure everyone is aware about what they should look for on that first step. But if you’re looking for a place to play at for a long time, over months or even years, you should also check how they treat veteran players. That’s why we decided to make a guide about the online casino loyalty programs, because you deserve offers just as good as new players. So what should you look for?

Loyalty program

This is one of the features you’ll see on most online casinos. They’ll call it a VIP club, Imperial Lounge, Platinum membership or some other combination. It’s roughly the same thing: the more you deposit with them, the better features you’ll get. Usually you should receive:

  • improved terms on withdrawals,
  • better bonus on their “weekly reload”,
  • upgrades on “loyalty point” redemption rates,
  • “unique offers”.

NightRush online casino loyalty club

First of all, take a look at how many levels they have. The more there are, the bigger chance that you’ll receive rewards that are close to the amounts of money you play with.

Next, review how clear the benefits are. There is a big difference between “25 bonus spins every Monday” and “unique bonus spin offers when you need them”. The latter usually is code for “nothing interesting”.

Finally, make sure that the benefits are actual benefits. Some mediocre online casinos will handicap new accounts and then gradually remove these as they play more. For example, a new account might start with a cap on monthly withdrawals of £1000 and then go up as they deposit more, up to £7000 at VIP level 5. Needless to say, if you see something like this, please, stay away.

Public promotional campaigns

Next, we want to take a look at all the promotions that are visible on the site, to the public. Even though usually there is more to a casino loyalty program than what’s advertised, recurrent promotional campaigns are another indicator for brand quality. You want to see consistency.

Usually the promotion page will have a large seasonal event, a small value deposit bonus and a few activities, such as tournaments. This is what we consider baseline.

The first thing you want to pay attention to is how often these change. Why? Because it shows you how much effort they put into making the experience fun and interesting for their veteran player base. The more events you see cycle here, the more faith you can have that they prize their players having an excellent time.

What you don’t want to see is a promotion page that only has the welcome bonus and a generic bonus with no deadlines. It shows they are not interested in putting effort into their player relationships. And that means that there is little chance they will have any other good offers for their more loyal players.

When we look at brands from this perspective, we expect:

  • a seasonal event each quarter,
  • small bonuses changing at least once per week,
  • access to tournament or other brand specific mini-games.

Personalized offering

This is the last point on today’s list because it’s the slowest one to experience usually. As part of a complete casino loyalty program, a lot of brands will employ Account Managers that will manually reward players.  They will send them an email, SMS or text either with a no-deposit bonus based or, more often, with a deposit bonus.

Loyalty Cards

What you receive should have a significant contribution to your decision to stay or jump ship. Remember, new players get 100% bonuses all over the place. So what are you looking for here? In our experience personalized offers should have at least 50% deposit match up to at least 100£/€/$. These offers are usually presented after you’ve already dropped a good amount of money with the casino, so you’d better get something good!

Bonus Spins

You’ll see a lot of these types of rewards with every casino. While Bonus spins are nice, they don’t really move the needle. They lack flexibility and the casino employees don’t know what i’m in the mood to play for the night. It doesn’t also help that those offers are usually low worth, so they’re not helping with that “valuable customer” feeling.


We hope that now you’re better prepared to judge an online casino loyalty program before choosing to pull the trigger on a deposit. With this knowledge you should now feel a lot more confident in telling whether an online casino is the right one for you.

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