White-label casinos: Why do they all feel the same

Haven’t you always wondered why with so many different online casino brands out there, a lot of them seem very similar? One has a blue theme, while another has a green one, one has a section called “Promotions” while another has a “Bonus” one. But when you look at the games that are available, they’re all the same. When you look at the T&Cs, they’re all the same. You check out the “loyalty program” and it has the same VIP tiers and rewards. Well, that happens because they actually use the white-label casino model are using the same building blocks.

Aspire Global 3 online casinos on the same platform

*example of 3 different online casinos who are all running on the same software platform powered by Aspire Global

If you woke up one morning and decided that you want to open your own online casino, the easiest path would be to see what’s already made. Then you could take it and adapt it, which is exactly what most of these casino owners are doing.

But you’re not actually concerned with starting an online casino. You want to log in one night and play a few rounds of your favorite Megaways slot. Why would you care? There are a few things about this entire business practice that are going to be relevant as you choose your entertainment for the night. In our casino reviews we try to keep this in mind, because it could decide your enjoyment with the brand.

What is a “white-label casino”?

It’s a casino brand that doesn’t have a license itself, but it piggybacks on somebody else’s. Kind of like a franchise. This means that in front of the government, they aren’t responsible for much. It’s the actual license holder, the company that “offers the franchise” that is required to make sure everything is going according to the rules. So let’s get into it and see why you care about the “white-label” concept and companies having a lot of brands under the same umbrella.

Example of Online Casinos software providers

*example of online casino software providers

Limited bonus offerings

These white-label casino companies have access to your activity over many brands. At one point they might decide that you had a little too much fun in their establishment and limit promotions you have access to. The worst situation is when you get denied access to a welcome bonus because you claimed another welcome bonus with a brand on the same license. This leaves you with a big chunk of wasted time. Moreover, you can’t judge it now since you need to make a pretty big leap of faith. In the end, this ends up being a lose-lose situation for everyone involved.

Limits carry over between brands

If two online casinos are using the same company’s license, they consider you as a single player in regards to regulations. So, for example, let’s say you set a weekly £100 deposit limit as a player from the UK. You usually like playing at Regent Casino and Mr. Play and both of them are using the same license. Now, both of these brands are going to have to “work together” to add all your deposits from both brands before they compare it to your limit. This can become annoying when you register at a new casino only to find out that you can’t even deposit a tenner and play a bit of Starburst. Why? Because it shares a license with that terrible casino with lazy support you registered a month ago where you set a limit in frustration.

Potential for spam from undesired casinos

Online casinos are always out to make more profit. And one way they do this is by convincing you to play at another casino they own. Like this, there is a lower chance you’d go to another online casino that’s not theirs if you’re unhappy or looking for something new. In an ideal world there would be nothing wrong with this, but you could start getting lots of advertisements for new casinos that don’t interest you. You’d be getting spam just because you signed up for an online casino you actually liked.

In our reviews we try to make sure we point out when casinos share a license with others to avoid you wasting your time. If you need a few ideas about some new casinos to try, check out our page here and see if you find anything that speaks to you.

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