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Top 5 New Evolution games in 2022 - mobile

Top 5 most exciting Evolution games coming in 2022

Evolution Gaming’s online event brought not only information about innovative slots from NetEnt or new Megaways slots from RedTiger, but also about some new launches in the live casino department. Their own studios it seems were hard at work to bring some interesting new titles to the market. Let’s see what they are.

1. XXXTreme Lightning Roulette

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This first game comes to appeal to those of us who find slots too random, but live casino not random “enough”. When it was first launched, Lightning Roulette was the first of its kind to attract this type of player and it’s been wildly successful. And this year, Evolution decided to level up their RNG – Live Casino melange game to make it more volatile and more exciting.

Ignoring its absolutely cheesy name, the game sounds like a “banger”. It’s a a launch tailor-made for the hardcore gamer: it has “more multipliers, bigger multipliers; […] you’re constantly peppered with 500x, 600x, 1000x and above multipliers, not on a rare occasion”. If they manage to get the feel right (and it’s Evolution who we’re talking about here, THE online live casino provider) a lot of players could find their new favorite game right here, at the meeting point between classic mechanics and modern paytable excitement.

2. Crazy CoinFlip

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This time what Evolution is trying to do is bring the Live Casino into the Slot game. That’s ambitious! 

At first, this looks like an extremely basic slot. We have a 3 reel machine with multipliers in each position, varying between x10 and x500 as far as we could see. Each position also has a color that corresponds to either the red or blue side of the coin that will eventually be flipped. There are two phases to the game: 

  1. The bonus stacking one. You play the slot, about 30-40 seconds at a time and you try to stack as many multipliers as you can on each side of the coin. You need to match the colors on the middle line (like in classic slots) and the sum of all the multipliers on that line then gets added to the total for the color you matched. In his presentation, Todd Haushalter (chief product officer for Evolution) mentioned that you could also find scatters that can multiply the multipliers so you can end up with a huge win in the end.
  2. Once every minute, a coin flip happens where all of these multipliers come into effect. The coin flip itself is in a live casino game show format, like you’re used to from the other games (like Deal or No Deal, Lightning Roulette, etc.). 

From our perspective it sounds like a curious experiment, especially since the slot market has moved quite a bit from basic 3 reel, 1 payline models. However maybe the simplicity of the game coupled with the entertainment provided by the host might be enough to get the ball rolling for this type of game. Even the Chief Product Officer sounds a bit skeptical when he says “If this works, watch for more live slots to come”. But there’s nothing wrong with experimentation and truth be told, we’re glad someone with large budgets and reach, like Evolution, is trying to make something different.

3. Super Andar Bahar

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Another game the team from Evolution wants to bring out this year is Super Andar Bahar. This is an Indian table game in which you’re trying to guess in which of two available piles a selected card (the joker) will be found. In its most basic form, the payout structure is the same as with standard Blackjack: the winner is paid even money.

In true Evolution Gaming fashion, they’re going to spice this game up with side bets to make it more interesting. And not only that, but they plan to also add multipliers to the payouts of the sidebets. What we’re going to try to guess is “How many cards are going to be played until we have a winner?” with one of the possibilities for maximum payout being “We’re going to go through the entire deck.”.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, Super Andar Bahar has the opportunity to be a quick and entertaining game, especially with the available sidebets. So we’re looking forward to the launch date to see if it will live up to the hype.

4. Gold Bar Roulette

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Evolution plan on launching yet another Roulette version this year. The selling point for this one, outside of the studio looking like it’s filled with gold to the brim, is that every time you win something “interesting” is going to happen. There was a lot of marketing fluff in the presentation, including “this is the first big innovation we had since Lightning Roulette in the roulette space”.

Unfortunately they didn’t share specific details, so it’s still something that’s going into the “wait and see pile”. But that studio design has us intrigued, that we cannot deny.

5. Monopoly Big Baller

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Following the smashing success they had with Monopoly Live, this year Todd Haushalter and the team decided to try their hand at another game in the same franchise. This one is going to be a bingo game. The player is going to be dealt four cards, all loaded with extra free spaces and multipliers. Moreover there are going to be 3 and 5 ball bonuses which will bring you on the familiar Monopoly board where you’ll get to roll physical dice and go around collecting more multipliers and large amounts of prizes. We saw multipliers up to x125. And not only that, but if you get to pass Go during this bonus game you’re going to have all your prizes doubled!

The game presentation itself looked crisp and very high quality. The animations were top notch and the live elements of the game integrated almost perfectly in the overall layout of the game. The expected launch date for this one is going to be around Summer time. Just in time for vacation! This is another one of those games we’re excited about, since Evolution has yet to let the Monopoly franchise down and we don’t think this is going to change now!


All in all, Evolution Gaming presentation has been filled with exciting games, each one special in their own way. While going through the line-up, “experimentation” and “innovation” were the worlds that popped up in our minds the most. We like seeing successful studios not sitting on their laurels but trying to push the boundaries, and this year we weren’t disappointed!

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